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Windows 10, how I doth hateth thee mostest

How’s it going folks, thought I’d get another post written up before I switch over to video logs in the future (watch this space). So I don’t really need to do a big introduction to Windows 10, there was a lot of buzz going about the internet not least due in part to the upgrade […]


Enabling Hyper-V Platform in a Windows 8.1 VM

This weekend I decided to take advantage of the Windows Phone Preview Program for Developers and update my Lumia 920 to Update 3 for WP8. While Update 3 was downloading and installing on my phone, I decided to install the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 which;


Download Windows 8.1 preview right now

If you want to try out Windows 8.1 preview right now, you can. Be aware that when you install Windows 8.1 preview that you will have to reinstall all your apps. If you then upgrade to the final RTM version you will have to do this again.

Going from…


The 5 minute guide to get started with Windows 8

Windows 8 has been a hot topic of late – especially getting started with it. We already had a post from our very own Denis Gobo (@denisgobo) in how to shut down Windows 8. This led me to write a quick post on some features you may or may not know of.



How to name groups of tiles in Windows 8

Take a look at my Windows 8 start screen

As you can see, I have a main and an apps tile group

Below is an image of all my grouped tiles

So how do you do accomplish this?


How to shutdown windows 8

If you installed Windows 8, you might be wondering how to shut down or restart this operating system. There is no more start button so where do you start?

There are a couple of ways to shut down the operating system

1) Hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE and…