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LessThanDot Outage – Aug 22, 2013 to Sept 4, 2013

Over the past couple weeks you may have noticed that LessThanDot was completely down. I know we did. We’re working on solutions to our missing DR plan and shoring up some holes we found in our infrastructure (we had backups, they were just a little, er,…


Presenting Yourself – Visually and Respectfully

The Successful Consulting Series is a set of articles that are being written to both, help decisions on joining the consulting field and also, help existing consultants in their professional development initiatives. Please visit, “Successful Consulting…


Hiding Outages is a Short Term Game

5:20 PM on Saturday night, looking for the correct size air filter at the local superstore. My phone dings and chirps, as I receive almost simultaneous email and twitter alerts; our production application can’t talk to it’s database. As a SaaS company, it rolls downhill. An unexpected outage with our application means an unexpected service outage for our customers. Time to head home and start troubleshooting.


Consulting – The best part?

I was fortunate to be asked by Aaron Lowe (T | B) to be the host for the second SQLFriends Lunch event.   The event was really a good time, educational, and a rewarding social mentoring tool.  During the event, I was asked many questions – from the diff…


Windows 7 Launch In New York City

This post is not a review, you can find detailed reviews all over the internet, this is just about the Windows 7 launch in New York City which I attended today. If you click on the pictures you can get larger sizes. I am running Windows 7 on all my home machines since it became […]


Bringing your thoughts back into line

I’m going to try my best at this topic even knowing I have my own issues with it on several occasions. I was recently reminded of the stress and focus issues we have in IT. This goes as far as questioning our abilities, accomplishments and future goals in life regarding our careers. I myself have […]