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Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook – Review

After my review of Tableau Dashboard Cookbook, I read another book about Tableau, namely Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook by Ashutosh Nandeshwar. The book is published by Packt but I am relieved to say this time there were no significant editing issues. In fact it is quite well written and as far as I could tell […]


Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault – Review

A few months ago I followed an introductory course about the data vault modeling technique for data warehouses at a local training provider. As part of the training, I received the book Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault written by Hans Hultgren who also is an instructor for the official data vault certification. […]


Tableau Dashboard Cookbook by Jen Stirrup

DISCLAIMER I received this book through the O’Reilly blogger review program, which I already mentioned in the review of Thinking With Data. The actual publisher of the book is Packt Publishing, not O’Reilly itself. TABLEAU DASHBOARD COOKBOOK I guess most people who have been in contact with the SQL Server community have at least heard […]


Naked Statistics

A few weeks ago I stumbled up on this book review of Naked Statistics by Nathan Yau. The introduction on Amazon promises us the following: Once considered tedious, the field of statistics is rapidly evolving into a discipline Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, has actually called “sexy.” From batting averages and political polls to […]


Thinking with Data by Max Shron

DISCLAIMER I recently enrolled myself in the O’Reilly Blogger Review program, which basically allows me to get one O’Reilly eBook for free per month so I can review it on my blog. This works in both ways of course: I get free eBooks while they’re still hot from the press (figuratively speaking of course) and […]


Master Data Services (Second Edition) – Review

For the preparation of my upcoming talk about SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services on the Microsoft Business Analytics Day (hosted by my company element61), I read the book Master Data Services 2nd edition by Tyler Graham. I had almost no prior experience with MDS up to this point (I very quickly glanced over it […]


Star Schema The Complete Reference – Review

I finished my first book of this year and here’s the review! After I finished the newest edition of Ralph Kimball’s Data Warehouse Toolkit, a senior colleague of mine recommended the book Star Schema The Complete Reference by Christopher Adamson. To be honest, I had never heard about it. But was I wrong: this book […]


Book Review: Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer

Want to take the “black box” mystique out of the query optimizer?


Data Visualization – Book Review

To prepare myself for my session Data Visualization Tips & Tricks, I read a few books. In this blog post, I’ll give a short review for each one of them.
Information Dashboard Design
This book, written by Stephen Few, was the first one I read. And…


Book Review: Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering

This is the most comprehensive look at Windows and SQL Server failover clustering that exists. In this book, Allan Hirt, a clustering expert and Microsoft MVP, lays a solid foundation for all aspects of clustering.

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