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Azure Web Sites Deployment and Unit Testing

The automatic deployment option of Azure Web Sites is really cool and demos well. A few months ago I was curious how far I could push it, whether I could replace more complex projects that I currently deploy from my build server. I had read a couple posts on unit testing during deployment, but so […]


Azure Storage SDK 3.0.2 and Preview Azure Storage Emulator 2.2.1

Late in November, the Azure Storage team announced an update of the Storage Library that corresponds with the “2013-08-15” Storage API update. They weren’t explicit about it in the release post, but this was a major version upgrade to Azure Storage SDK 3.0. The 3.0.2 Storage SDK is not part of an official Azure SDK […]


2013 – Review of Writing

In 2013 I took on a slightly different approach to writing by putting more into each article with content, length and defining either what the topic was on or how the troubleshooting methods are taken. This, of course, meant my average blog count per mo…


ACL added security for Availability Group Listener in Azure

Prior to the release of supporting listeners for availability groups in Azure running Windows Server virtual machines, availability groups were supported but more so in a mirroring configuration.  This means, applications, services, or users would conne…


Windows Azure Training Kit April 2013 Released

Miscrosoft has released the Windows Azure Training Kit April 2013.

The Windows Azure Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content designed to help you learn how to use Windows Azure. The kit includes hands-on labs, presentations, de…


Windows Azure Training Kit available

Microsoft has made available the Windows Azure Training Kit

The Windows Azure Training Kit includes hands-on labs, presentations, and samples to help you understand how to build applications that use Windows Azure.

There are hands-on labs, demos…

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