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Java Training Day 2

Control statements


has to have parentheses and it has to be a boolean expressions if (boolean-expression) {statement};
We also covered the while and do while loop followed by the for loop

Enhanced for loop aka foreach loop
The for loop lo…


Java Training Day 1

Today is day one of the Java class I am taking this week. I am just dumping some of the stuff that I am hearing about, some of the stuff I might already know.
Java is a general purpose language, it is interperted, output is by…


Back to Java after an eleven year hiatus, what are some good resources you recommend?

This week eleven coworkers and myself will be in Java training for most of the time, I haven’t touched Java since 2001. I did a bunch of research over the 4 day weekend to get a little head start.

I installed Netbeans and Eclipse to see how they are…