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Improved TeamCity .Net Build Warnings

A few years back, I posted “Displaying .Net Build Warnings in TeamCity“. Many folks found it useful (and it served as a good reference the last time I needed to re-setup warnings). Recently, Mitch Terlisner reached out to me with a much improved version to share with folks that includes better build status output, an […]


Windows 8 for the Enterprise Event – Tuesday, April 16th

I’ve had the chance to talk to quite a few people over the last few months about my experiences with Windows 8.  So far, and I can’t see it changing, I’ve been very impressed with Windows 8 and the efficiency boost it has provided me in normal, day-to-d…


Displaying .Net Build Warnings in TeamCity

I like it when I kick off a build and there aren’t any warnings. Unfortunately I’m forgetful and it’s always easier to edit the code now then it is 3 months later (when I remember to look at the warnings).

This post will cover capturing MSBuild warnings in TeamCity and displayign the results in the dashboard, a custom chart, the build log, a raw text artifact, and a custom report tab in the run results.


Scala: The difference between val and var

This is a short Scala post to explain what the difference is between val and var. I was showing some Scala code to a co-worker this past week and he was asking what the difference was between val and var. It is quite simple:


Review of The Well-Grounded Java Developer

This is a review of The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Vital techniques of Java 7 and polyglot programming. Written by Benjamin J. Evans and Martijn Verburg. The book was published in July, 2012 and it contains 496 pages

This is an excellent…


Installing Scala 2.10 on Eclipse Juno

Scala 2.10 was released yesterday and I decided to take a look at it. But first what is Scala anyway? From the Scala site:

Scala is a general purpose programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and typ…


Java Training Day 5

Last day of the training and I am glad it is over…this stuff is draining

Here is what was covered today

Network Programming
Low Level TCP/IP Protocols
IPv4 and IPv6
UDP Multicast

Message Based protocols
Connections framework…


Java Training Day 4

Java Day 4

The Collections Framework
Legacy Container Classes
A container is an object that holds a collection of other objects
An array is a simple container. Arrays have a couple of limitations
. The size is fixed
. All the members of the arra…


Java Training Day 3

Today was day three of our Java training, we did mostly OOP stuff today. I also noticed that whenever you do a week of training by the team that Wednesday PM comes along, you are pretty much mush.

We covered Object Oriented design, why you would use…


Java Training Day 2

Control statements


has to have parentheses and it has to be a boolean expressions if (boolean-expression) {statement};
We also covered the while and do while loop followed by the for loop

Enhanced for loop aka foreach loop
The for loop lo…

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