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Mapping Complex types to/from JSON with JSON.Net

In an earlier post I introduced a strongly typed Identity object I am using in an ASP.Net Core application to make my code and error messages more readable. I didn’t wanted that extra complexity reflected in my database or over the wire with an API. In this post we’ll look at a simple method to […]


SPA Routing in ASP.Net Core

One of the challenges of SPA applications is making sure a bookmark or hard refresh knows how to load just enough of the content from the server before applying the client-side routing logic to that base page. This is not guaranteed to be the only way to do this, just the one that worked for […]


Mapping Complex Types to/from the DB with PetaPoco

Recently I was working on an application with rich C# objects that I wanted to store simplified in the database, without having to write custom logic for each new save or query that I add to the application. Luckily, the library I had chosen for data access (AsyncPoco, a variant Petapoco) has a mechanism that […]


Compiled list of C# + .Net Features

We have talked about doing this at work for a while, so I finally sat down this weekend and tried to make a list of C# features that the team could share. We intend to use this to help gauge who the best people are to ask questions in different areas (C# isn’t our only […]


Web API 2 – don’t get caught with your parameters down

Hi, A quick post for anyone else who has been literally dying from a lack of sleep trying to workout something that should be fairly simple. Quick background:  I got interested in Web API after I decided to build a friend a simple booking website driven by HTML5, jquery and originally an ASP.NET/c# .NET 4 […]


Threadsafe Incrementing in C#

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to review a number of different parallel C# methods that were performing work over a collection of items. Nearly all of them have used ++ to increment parent or global variables from inside threaded contexts. Unfortunately the ++ operator is not guaranteed to be threadsafe in C#. So let’s take […]


Testing the Not-So-Testable HttpWebResponse

Recently I was working on a library to consume a REST API without exposing any of the specifics to the rest of the application. Implementing a common interface and set of custom exceptions was easy enough, but exercising the internal logic was going to be tough.


Pick the Right Storage: All SQL is Not Equal

As part of a long series of posts, I implemented a version of the MVC Music Store tutorial application on top of a pair of SQL Server CE databases. SQL Server CE is great for small apps, being a portable file-based database that can easily be moved to a full SQL Server instance. Last week I migrated my application to use full SQL Server instances instead of the SDF file and picked up a 3x performance improvement. It was interesting enough that I decided to share 🙂


PetaPoco: Mapping related objects

In the prior PetaPoco post, I started to dig into many-to-one relationships a little. Chrissie followed up with yet more mapping behavior in his latest Simple.Data post, so I thought I would cover it in a bit more detail.


More PetaPoco: Id’s and Multi-POCO queries

So yesterday Chrissie and I did posts on Simple.Data and PetaPoco. Today he followed up with more complex examples, including keys and multiple table queries.

PetaPoco is built specifically with primary keys as a first class citizen, so it will be in…

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