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Prepare to Set Sail on SQL Cruise Caribbean 2016

Here in the Frozen Tundra of Wisconsin, winter is setting in – this weekend, temperatures didn’t rise above freezing, and snow fell in some parts of the state. I have my cold-weather running gear out – fleece-lined tights, wind-proof jacket, hats, mittens, and trail shoes – and my snowshoes are hanging in the garage. For […]


Distributed Storage: How SQL Azure Replicas Work

One of the benefits of Microsoft SQL Azure over an on-premises or VM installation is built-in resiliency. In a typical on-premises/VM installation your database lives on a single server, with all the single points of failure that brings to mind. SQL Azure, on the other hand, always has 3 or more replicas assigned for each […]


Announcing SQL Saturday Minnesota #453 Pre-Conference Seminars!

Before we know it, October will be upon us and it will be time for another SQL Saturday Minnesota!  If you have not yet registered for this free day of training on October 10th, please visit the site and sign up now! Since no SQL Saturday Minnesota would be complete without a full slate of pre-cons, […]


SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.1 has been released

Microsoft is all about rapid release cycles nowadays. We already experienced this with Power BI, where monthly new features and improvements have been added. Now SQL Server appears to get the same treatment: SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.1 has just been released. There is nothing groundbreaking in this release – which can be considered as an […]


My first SQL 2016 bug

A little while back SQL Server 2016 CTP2 was announced and I have spent some time playing with it (read: spent hours creating a VM because there were hundreds of Windows updates). It seems I have already found a very small bug while creating a new database: Apparently they forgot to rename the compatibility level 🙂


Level Up Your SQL Server Index Knowledge

I presented “Level Up Your SQL Server Index Knowledge” on Wednesday, June 10 for NEWDUG. I had a great audience that asked lot of questions and shared war stories. Presentations with lots of questions and discussion are my favorite! For those of you interested, the slides and demos can be downloaded here.


T-SQL Tuesday #67 – What Extended Events is Missing

It’s my T-SQL Tuesday! I’ve spent the last year learning and teaching Extended Events – because if you really want to learn something, teach. XE can be used for everything from very simple tasks, such as counting the number of query executions, to very complicated tasks, such as anything Jonathan Kehayias writes about! I’m encouraging […]


You’re Invited to T-SQL Tuesday #67: Extended Events

We meet again for another edition of T-SQL Tuesday! On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, you’re invited to blog about a chosen topic. Link back to this blog post, read what others have written, and post about it on Twitter. We share knowledge and get to know other bloggers! The June 2015 topic is Extended Events. […]


SQL 2016 Preview has been released!

For those who haven’t noticed already: SQL Server 2016 CTP2 (or Preview as some call it) has just been released! This means it is play time! 🙂 You can either download a copy if you’re old school like me, or you can spin up a VM in Azure like all the cool kids. SQL Server […]


The shaky bug in SSIS

You may or may not have noticed it after installing SQL Server 2012: the designer interface in Visual Studio 2010/2012 has had a make-over. Nothing too drastic, but at least the undo button works. However, sometimes when you drag or move tasks/components on the canvas, they start to shake. A lot. And very annoyingly as […]

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