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Loading Large Volumes of Data into SQL Azure with SSIS

Loading data into SQL Databases (Azure) is fairly simple.  With SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), the task becomes even more trivial as with many ETL tasks that we’ve done in the past from data source to data source.  Truly speaking, a data source…


Please don’t use blacklists, use parameterized queries or stored procs instead

Every now and then you will hear how some site will use a blacklist to ‘protect’ themselves against sql injection. Using a blacklist is very foolish because you can’t ever think of all the different ways that the bad guys will try to bypass your little…


Anecdotes about SQL AKA post 400

This is my 400th blog post here on lessthandot and I decide to steal borrow Chrissie’s idea and ask a bunch of people if they have an interesting story to share about SQL.

Here is how I asked it

As you may or may not know I’m an avid SQL fan.


SSIS A difference between C# and VB in a script task

I ran into this myself a couple of months ago and decided to write a short blog post about it in case you happen to run into this. SQL Server 2008 lets you use Visual Basic or C# as the scripting language in a Script Task. If you decided to translate some of your older […]


SQL Saturday in Chicago – Schedule is up!

Scheduled! The SQL Saturday in Chicago team has been working pretty hard lately on the schedule. It was difficult to complete due to all of the sessions being so good. I was close to trying a two day event so we could get all ~70 submissions up the weekend of April 17th. You can now […]


Introducing SQL Server to Oracle

Over the last few weeks I have been working on the task of bringing an Oracle database into my SQL Server landscape. The basic process that needs to be accomplished is to get this Oracle database pumped into the existing SQL Server structure primarily to address the reporting aspect and requirements. The software that utilizes […]


SSMS Tools PACK, Something Every SQL Server Developer That Uses SSMS Should Have Installed

This post was already published yesterday, someone deleted it by mistake so I had to recreate it…sorry for that (and thanks for google cache :-))

SSMS Tools PACK is an Add-In (Add-On) for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft SQL Se…