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If you think uninstalling SQL Server is a pain, have fun with Oracle

Because of a job change next week I have no need for Oracle anymore, I decided to remove it. I know that some people complain that uninstalling SQL Server is a pain, well those people should just be quiet from now on, uninstalling Oracle is much worse.…


Yeah, I am sure that is the reason we have Oracle on Azure and Hyper-V now

Microsoft Corp. and Oracle Corp. today announced a partnership that will enable customers to run Oracle software on Windows Server Hyper-V and in Windows Azure. Customers will be able to deploy Oracle software — including Java, Oracle Database and Oracl…


Unique index difference between Oracle and SQL Server

When working with different database systems you have to be aware that some things work differently from one system to another. I already blogged a couple of times about differences between SQl Server and Oracle, those post are the following
Truncate r…


Truncate rollback differences between SQL Server and Oracle

I wrote a blogpost about the fact that there is a common myth that you can’t rollback a truncate statement in SQL this post was written on June 13, 2007 and it showed you that you could rollback a truncate. Here is some code that shows that.



What is the Dual table in Oracle and why do I need it?

When coming from SQL Server, you might find it weird that you don’t see code that looks like this

select 2

That code won’t run in Oracle, unlike SQL Server, Oracle requires the use of the FROM clause in its syntax. This is why Oracle has DUAL


Differences between Oracle and SQL Server when working with NULL and blank values

If you ever have to start working with Oracle you have to keep in mind that NULLs and blank values don’t work exactly the same as in SQL Server. Let’s take a look at some examples

Create this table and insert some rows
create table TestNull(Col2 var…


Is being a DBA still sexy?

I hear more and more emphasis on two things: big data and business intelligence. Companies are investing more and more money in both. Knowing this, are you, a DBA, thinking your job is threatened?


SQL Injection Pocket Reference for MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle

There is a nice SQL Injection Pocket Reference up on Google Docs

Here is what is covered

Default Databases
Comment Out Query
Testing Injection
In a login
Testing Version
MySQL-specific code
Database Credentials


Using schemas to maintain order as a DBA

Chaos or order? Managing objects in large and small installations of SQL Server can be a job in itself at times. In particular, for the DBA, objects we create on the instances we manage more often than not are found littered over the user and system databases. These objects more often are found in the […]


SQL Saturday in Chicago – Schedule is up!

Scheduled! The SQL Saturday in Chicago team has been working pretty hard lately on the schedule. It was difficult to complete due to all of the sessions being so good. I was close to trying a two day event so we could get all ~70 submissions up the weekend of April 17th. You can now […]

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