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Is being a DBA still sexy?

I hear more and more emphasis on two things: big data and business intelligence. Companies are investing more and more money in both. Knowing this, are you, a DBA, thinking your job is threatened?


MySQL MyISAM and InnoDB Engine Differences

I am a stranger in a strange land. I am a SQL Server DBA and developer wandering, lost, in the world of MySQL. Fundamentally, I know that a database is a database. Both MySQL and SQL Server are built on the same ANSI standards. However, as I started wor…


SQL Injection Pocket Reference for MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle

There is a nice SQL Injection Pocket Reference up on Google Docs

Here is what is covered

Default Databases
Comment Out Query
Testing Injection
In a login
Testing Version
MySQL-specific code
Database Credentials


Using schemas to maintain order as a DBA

Chaos or order? Managing objects in large and small installations of SQL Server can be a job in itself at times. In particular, for the DBA, objects we create on the instances we manage more often than not are found littered over the user and system databases. These objects more often are found in the […]


SQL Saturday in Chicago – Schedule is up!

Scheduled! The SQL Saturday in Chicago team has been working pretty hard lately on the schedule. It was difficult to complete due to all of the sessions being so good. I was close to trying a two day event so we could get all ~70 submissions up the weekend of April 17th. You can now […]


Microsoft Announces SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL

This is just a quick post letting you know that Microsoft has announced the SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL This tool is available for download now.

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 2008 is a toolkit that dramatically cuts th…


Introducing SQL Server to Oracle

Over the last few weeks I have been working on the task of bringing an Oracle database into my SQL Server landscape. The basic process that needs to be accomplished is to get this Oracle database pumped into the existing SQL Server structure primarily to address the reporting aspect and requirements. The software that utilizes […]


Death by a thousand tools

One thing these days that there is not a shortage of is tools to monitor, tune and process our database servers. We have all the big wigs providing you with dozens of packaged utilities that ensure everything you have worked hard for stays where it is and meeting your hard 99.999999% availability goals. So is […]