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Why (and How) I Model

Over my years in (and before) IT, I’ve seen long projects, failed projects, confused projects, wildly successful projects, and even fun projects that ended far differently than we expected. The consistent take-away for me is that I am a big picture type of person, and that understanding that big, abstract picture cuts out a lot of wasted time sprinting down the wrong paths.


Model-View-Presenter: Looking at Passive View

Model-View-Presenter is an architecture pattern that defines a structure for behavior and logic at the UI level. M-V-P separates the logic of the presentation, such as interacting with back-end services and the business layer, from the mechanics of disp…


MSDN Ultimate Subscription giveaway +1

I was fortunate enough to receive MSDN Ultimate Subscriptions as well as SQLDenis. I Think Denis’s idea and contest to see who we can give these to is excellent. To support Denis and his idea, I’m adding another subscription that will be handed over once we read over the responses. That means your chances just got much better to enjoy the subscriptions and the benefits Visual Studio 2010 has to offer!


Validating Architecture with Visual Studio 2010

I went to a local MS launch event for Visual Studio today, mainly to see what was new with Team Foundation Server, but what really impressed me was some of the new architecture tools they’ve added. I admittedly haven’t read too much about this before t…


Danger in Design: Why bother with Architecture ?

Creativity is a wonderful thing. It’s also something different for each of us, which is why sometimes our perspectives on the world can produce conflicting ideas on what is the right way and the wrong way to do things. This is a very common facet of the IT world, in particular making computer software, solutions […]