I admit I had been neglecting ChocolateyGUI for the last year or so. And it was no longer compatible with the current version of Chocolatey.

But a few weeks ago a gentle soul called Miracula decided it was time to help and I made her a contributor the moment she did. After all it was my very first pull request ever and I was happy.

This weekend I decided to give ChocolateyGUI some more of my love and attention. And noticed that Miracula had been very busy indeed.

So I decided that it was time for a new package.

And here it is.


Installation is very simple.

cinst ChocolateyGUI That’s it. As long as you have Chocolatey installed of course. But even that is easy to install.

New features

Just look how pretty it is.

You can search in the list. It is a StartsWith list.

You can install the available package by clicking on the checkbox.

You can uninstall a package.

You can update chocolatey, because it will be in the list of installed packages.

It is a lot faster.

It shows a lot more information about the selected package.

Open source

And the code is still open source. And we accept pull-requests and feature requests.


I want to thank Miracula again for the awesome work she did.


ChocolateyGUI has a dependecy on powershell 3.0. You can install that by doing cinst powershell. In the next version we wil install this as a dependency package.