Hello from Puerto Rico everyone!

I wasn’t planning on doing much while on vacation this week but after seeing some events this morning; I wanted to get one post out there.


It’s been over a year now since Aaron Nelson created the #SQLHELP hash tag.  The source of help has been as beneficial as any forum I frequent.  The tag provides experts the easy and accessible portal to help where they can as well as providing the same quick portal to get help from those experts. Brent really says about all that you need to figure out how and what SQLHelp is here and here.

I do my best to help on SQL Help.  Although my part of SQL Help isn’t as much as some (as seen from below), I value the concept of being able to quickly use either a phone or computer to check, review and answer questions. 

As a lot of you know, I’m on vacation in Puerto Rico this entire week.  As with most of us, vacations don’t stop us from getting on and checking to see if we can help in some way.  That’s more normal with most of the community than most expect. 

Anyhow, I checked SQL Help and saw a flurry of spam.  Spam to me is anything that really just has no relevance and clouds the point of things.  It hides the real questions that live inside the entity that you are trying to use. 

So I’d like to ask all of you to please keep SQL Help clear or these Re-Tweets that are not related to actual questions or calls for assistance.  We all want to help.  If things like SQL Help start getting flooded with tweets that are not actual questions, people like me will stop monitoring as much.  This will only hurt the ones in need of help within 140 characters. 

Thanks SQL Community!  You rock!