Denis started us off earlier with his Meme Monday post, “Meme Monday: what is the first blogpost you wrote and when did you write it?“.

This is a tricky question for me, mostly because my memory is poor and I’m having difficulty bending google’s time search to my will.


Ranty pic

My first LessThanDot post was a wall of text in April 2009 that talked about bringing transparency and a definition of success to all projects, no matter how small. Since then I have added 78 more posts, finding out along the way that if you write a post with the word “Model” in it, you will get enough traffic to bring the poor LessThanDot server to its knees (and a whole lot of disappointed readers) and that apparently standing at one’s desk is far more interesting than sarcasm and cat pictures.

I think the last one was the most surprising.

But further back…

But before my LessThanDot posts I kept a private site with 10’s of hits a month. Success!Or maybe a little less. My first post on this site was dated in August of 2002, a Classic ASP tutorial on creating files that incorporated multiple pages.

Did it count as my first one? I don’t know. Benefits of a poor memory, I guess.

I am proud to see the site from 2002 was (mostly) HTML table-free and still looks roughly correct 9 years later (despite all the objections since that browsers just aren’t ready for table-free layouts, bitter? naah).

Happy 2012!

Last year I posted 40 posts, including one with more than 25 pictures. Eventually I’ll get around to making some new goals for this year and look forward to seeing what everyone else at LTD posts in the coming year.