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Multiple NuGet Methods for VS2017 + MSBuild 15 in TeamCity

ASP.Net Projects and NuGet have been a moving target the last couple years. I have an ASP.Net Core project (.Net Framework) with several class libraries and had to work through a number of problems to get NuGet Restore working on a TeamCity CI server. Hopefully this will help someone else along the way. It turns […]


Software Development Survey 2017

  So, you’re a developer? or an architect? or maybe even a technical delivery manager? Great 🙂 I need you! I’m currently doing some research for an upcoming book, and for a new software product, and who better to ask than those that are building and delivering software solutions each and every day? So I’d like […]


Catch my keynote at Chicago Code Camp 2017!

I have a notebook for my Ideas, and Dreams, and Goals. Here’s one of my Ideas. I watched a very inspiring keynote at That Conference, and I decided I wanted to be the person at the front of the room, giving a keynote, inspiring the audience. Achievement unlocked: on Saturday, April 29, 2017, I’ll be […]


You Are Responsible for Telling Your Story

As I’m writing this, it’s January, and I see a steady stream of “working on my annual review” tweets. You want something. (We all do.) It could be a raise or a promotion at your current job, a new job, or a board position at a non-profit you love. How do you get that something? […]


A Communications Hack for Helpful Ideas

You’re taking a break from the two week project and bump into Joe at the coffee machine. He’s a little frazzled and starts telling you about this little task he took on Monday that is kicking his butt. While he’s explaining you realize he might have missed a simpler answer, so you ask him if […]


I’m talking SQL Server, Azure, and Extended Events at SQLintersection

I’ll be in Las Vegas October 24-28, 2016 for SQLintersection, part of the DEVintersection conference series! Why attend DEVintersection? It “brings your favorite Microsoft leaders, engineers and industry experts together to educate, network, and share their expertise with you. Just this year, ASP.NET Core, SQL Server 2016, Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10 and SharePoint 2016 […]


Learn more about Azure + SQL Server at SQLSaturday Minnesota

I’m excited to cross the Mississippi River again this autumn to present at SQLSaturday #557 Minnesota 2016. First, I’ll be giving a full-day pre-conference session, “Get Started With SQL Server in Azure”, on Friday, September 30. Tickets are only $110, include lunch, and you’ll get to hear me talk about What you need to know about […]


Announcing SQL Saturday Minnesota #557 Pre-Conference Seminars!

Before we know it, October will be upon us and it will be time for another SQL Saturday Minnesota!  If you have not yet registered for this free day of training on Saturday October 1st, please visit the site and sign up now! Since no SQL Saturday Minnesota would be complete without a full slate of pre-cons, PASSMN and the organizers of SQL […]


Help me kick off Wausau PASS!

When I started attending Wisconsin SQL Server Users Group in 2009, that was the only PASS chapter in Wisconsin. Since then, we’ve expanded to include MADPASS, FoxPASS, Western WI PASS, and Microsoft BI Professionals – WI. These chapters have provided hundreds of hours of free training for hundreds of data professionals in the last few […]


What I Learned on SQL Cruise 2016

1. Tim and Amy Ford put a lot of hard work into making this event run. They do a great job. Everyone learns, shares, has fun, relaxes, and did I mention learns? 2. Jason Hall from SQL Sentry taught his class Tempdb Parasites, and I learned about temp table caching. This is amazing! SQL Sentry […]

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