Yes, it is time to stop the madness called VB. In all shapes and sizes. In all versions and subversions.

VB 1.0

VB 2.0

VB 3.0

VB 4.0

VB 5.0

VB 6.0

VB.Net 1.0 or VB7

VB.Net 2.0 or VB8

VB.Net 3.0 or VB9

VB.Net 4.0 or VB10

Lets also get rid of all other forms of Basic that annoy any serious developer out there. They ruin our nights, they ruin our day. They are sharp as knives and noone wants them.

And while you are at it please also support the Occupy flash movement.

And lets not forget the Occupy IE movement.

I guess there are a lot of frustrated people out there. In my country no one holds a gun against my head to use these things, so I use them at my own free will. Please stop restricting my free will by wanting to force your will upon me.