This blog is part of my series Making Data Tell a Story With SSRS Properties.

Property: VerticalAlign

The purpose of this property is to set the vertical text alignment of a text box or tablix cell.

To access the property, go to the text box and select VerticalAlign. The options are Default, Top, Middle, and Bottom.


Default – top.

Top – text will be placed at the top of the cell and go down.

Middle – text will be centered in the middle of the cell.

Bottom – text will be placed at the bottom of the cell and go up.

Example: I have a product inventory report. I want to display the text in different vertical alignments. By default, the VerticalAlign is set to Top.

I set VerticalAlignfor all text boxes to Middle. The longest lines of text will fill the boxes; other text will be centered vertically.

I set VerticalAlign for all text boxes to Bottom. All boxes line the text up at the bottom.