This blog is part of my series Making Data Tell a Story With SSRS Properties.

Property: Hidden and ToggleItem

The purpose of this property is to have rows or columns automatically expanded or collapsed, with the ability to expand or collapse at any time, with a toggle item. This is also called drilldown.

To access the properties, select a row or column group in the grouping pane.

The options for Hidden are True or False.

The options for ToggleItem are any other valid report item.

Example: I have a report that shows sales per year by sales territory. This is how it looks when initially run.

When run, I want the years and the territories to be collapsed, so it is easier to see all of the values on the report, without scrolling.

Note: always set the toggle properties on the row or column you want hidden or shown, not the item that will toggle it.

I select the detail row first, Order Month

Under Properties, I set Hidden to True and ToggleItem to OrderYear1, the text box the year is contained in.

When the report is run, the years appear collapsed. Click the + to expand and view details.

It is possible to apply this to multiple groups for nesting.

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