This blog is part of my series Making Data Tell a Story With SSRS Properties.

Property: Document Map

The purpose of this property is to allow you to create a clickable list of values in a pane on the left side of the screen that a user can click on to quickly reach that value in the report.

To access the property, select the table or matrix and go to DocumentMapLabel. The options are a field in the dataset, or an expression.

To set it for a group, select the group in the group pane, go to Group Properties, and select Advanced.

Example: I have a report that displays products by subcategory.

To make it easier to navigate, I want create a Document Map. I go to the Row Groups pane, select the group, and select Group Properties.

I go to Advanced and set the Document Map to SubcategoryName.

The report now has a list of subcategories in a pane on the left.

Selecting a value, such as Jerseys, will automatically take you to the position of that value in the report.

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