After upgrading my SQL Toolbelt installation recently, I came across a new entry in the SQL Prompt menu that is integrated into SQL Server Management Studio. So I have decided to put out a quick post on one of the features which I find is handy.

With the new SQL Toolbelt, I’ve also installed the Redgate integration which integrates all the tools for you into Management Studio. On my way to make some changes to my configuration for SQL Prompt, I noticed the Experimental Features… portion which altered my curiosity setting to a full 100%.

This results into the following screen with all its interesting beta programs,features,etc.

After reading through the descriptions, SQL Tab Magic caught my attention the most as I regularly have multiple query tabs open within SSMS. After downloading and installing it, you will see the following toolbar set appear:

This will show you(after the installation) all the closed or open query tabs with a portion of the query. For example:

You can also through the toolbar, set it to look for new tabs and configure it to open any tabs on start up that you had open in a previous session.

There are a few other labs as well which you can find at RedGate Labs all though they don’t feature SQL Tab Magic there.