After a great many years (3 to be exact) I’m moving on from my current position into new exciting challenges. I have learned a lot in working in a big environment like this and swimming in the deep waters of SQL Server, but a huge thanks goes to my great colleagues and manager were able to keep up with my ramblings and (sometimes intolerable) drive for innovation and restraining me from torturing developers who have not yet learned the way of SQL Server.

As of the 1st of April ( and no, it is not an April fools joke, I confirmed with HR ) I will be joining Microsoft South Africa as one of the Premier Field Engineers for SQL Server. This will be a very exciting challenge and great position for learning more about SQL Server in its various ways of implementation, and looking forward to work with my new team.

But, moving to this position I’m actually curious to know how many IT Professionals actually know about PFE’s and the Premier Agreement for EA customers as a few of my friends down in South Africa wasn’t aware of PA’s which can contribute to special training called WorkshopPLUS. Feel free to comment if you don’t know about this, or if you do have an agreement if you are making use of the various benefits and resources.